They'll Collect Us at Dawn

A 1 track leftfield/idm single (5m 12s) — released August 10th 2022 on Spatial Awareness

'First Sight' is a collaborative project/EP from Bon Music Vision and Akiko Haruna - Bon's sound is rooted in the desire to support The Other, exploring a space in counterculture and how it morphs from one scene to another. Haruna presents sonic narratives through a platter of textures, melodies and organised chaos. Her sound is born from a desire to transform intangible meaning into rich, 3D, acoustic environments.

The three have come together to create a project that soundtracks future soundscapes and scenarios in both Sci- Fi Utopias and Dystopias. Using analogue equipment and live instruments the trio have crafted 3 tracks of retro futurism.

"We were inspired by the ideas surrounding AI and their ability to love. Love is a distinctly human concept. If AI do not have the same hormones and chemicals that drive our actions in our own human experiences, we wonder how AI might be capable of love and how that might present itself.

Some say humans are the incubators for a God-like super intelligence. Human creations via AI and Quantum computing will give rise to an intelligence that outperforms the human intellect by orders of magnitude.

What are the emotional repercussions of that? Myth, storytelling and religion have always guided society and humanity. In 2016 Microsoft's AI twitter bot was designed to become "smarter" as more users interacted with it, but it was taken offline after 24h hours as it began to imitate the public and regurgitate back a hostile personality.

What will the AI be following and guided by? How does the role of Gods, archetypes and ethics play into the AI behaviour? The different kinds of love are addressed, or rather the many different faces/sides of love. Love is such a mysterious, often unexplainable thing with humans, but love and attachment seems to be something central to all of our lives. How would AI learn and experience love?"

Bon is a curation, production, composition, writing, and art partnership based in Hackney by Yerosha Windrich and Alex Morris signed to Warp Music Publishing and Bucks music-respectively. With a life long interest in popular culture, philosophy and perceptual conventions, Bon help others express, create and frame their narratives. Their philosophy is to create art in the spirit of inclusiveness be it social, sexual or racial with the utmost respect for personal sovereignty.

Akikio Haruna - "Aki's debut EP 'Delusions' on Where to Now? was striking in its use of texture and vocals, twisting and stretching sound to its limits.

Now, just over one year on from their re-emergence, Akiko's new EP 'Be Little Me' is out. It's a melting pot of worlds - some parts epic film score, some parts pop, EDM and hardcore. It beams bright with Akiko's unique perspective on sound design" DJ Mag

Bon Music Vision - Bon have recently contributed writing and composition to projects on Warp Records, Hyperdub Records and 4AD as well as having releases with Alxndr London and Dadras (Uno NYC). Their own label Spatial Awareness has released previous collaborations with Mykki Blanco.

Bon Music Vision - 33:33 mixtape

Bon Music Vision - Pantheon Album:

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